Email Alerts in Clinical Trials Improve Study Team Efficiency

Look what assisTek can do to help your study team manage compliance, undesirable events, site visits, etc more effectively and proactively! 

 Patient Non-Compliant?

  • Email alert directly to Study Team for follow-up.
  • Email reminder sent directly to patient to complete diary entry.


Nurse Records AE?

  • Email alert directly to Investigator for Review and Assessment.


Patient records undesirable symptom, event, medication, etc?

  • Email alert directly to Study Team for review and follow-up.


Site Visit coming up?

  • Email reminder sent directly to patient.


When used correctly, email alerts can help study teams manage critical issues more efficiently, and help gain compliance from patients before it’s a problem.

assisTek’s email alert system is linked directly to specific events based on protocol requirements and study team needs.

Questions about how this can work in your study? Find out more:  (and yes we do reply!)