Webinar: eSource in Clinical Trials, Pros/Cons & Lessons Learned from Phase III Clinical Trials

For those of you who missed the eSource Webinar hosted by assisTek on April 4, 2013, you can still watch the entire Webinar on video below!


This webinar will focus on Real-Life examples of ongoing Phase III global clinical trials using mobile Direct Clinical Data Capture (eSource) solutions. Topics discussed will include:
- Overcoming data quality and data access problems that plague studies using the traditional paper transcribed to EDC process.
- Supporting site workflow with eSource
- Cost Savings Model (Query Reduction & Elimination of SDV)
- Impact and Integration with external clinical databases (EDC, etc)

 Please contact Evonne Roberts, evonne.roberts@assisTek.com with any questions or to schedule an on-site demonstration.