Top 10 List – Why is eSource preferred?

Top 10 List – Why is eSource preferred by Clinical Trial teams?

10.  Transcription costs are expensive

9.    Transcription requires source data verification.   Anytime data is duplicated, errors are introduced.

8.    eSource eliminates parking lot syndrome.  FDA requires proof that data was collected as described in protocol!

7.    eSource technology gives study teams access to data in real-time – compliance, symptoms, QOL, etc.

6.    eSource lowers burden on site team (transcription, monitoring, etc).

5.    eSource lowers burden on data managment team if alerts, logic, etc designed to improve protocol compliance

4.    Data sharing and follow-up are dramatically improved between patient, study coordinator and investigator.

3.    Real-time access to undesirable and adverse events.    Safety monitoring no longer relegated to site visits.

2.    Patient visits with electronic source records are more meaningful – nurse & investigator can view history, trends, etc of past visits.

1.     eSource saves money and time.